Is the Perfect Past Hindering Your Progress?

Sometimes things in the past sneak up and trap our progress, whether in our business or our personal lives. For me, I became trapped in the past after making a move. One of the most surprising challenges of moving from Utah to California, was trying to replace my massage therapist. For twelve years, I frequented the best massage therapist...Ever! She was supremely gifted in understanding how to assist my body toward healing. She was able to work miracles in rehabilitating my arms, which had been rendered useless, to normal function. She also assisted and nurtured me through two high-risk pregnancies and a serious surgery.

She didn't only render healing, but she was a great listener and had the ability to create a powerful nurturing, healing, and sacred experience every time I walked into her studio. Her clients walked out, not only having their creaks and aches addressed, but they also felt loved and supported. My massage therapist has never had to advertise, and she has a long waiting list. In fact, every couple of years she tried to decrease her clientele so she didn't have to put so many hours in. I told her that was great, and I supported her in that as long as I wasn't one of the people she cut. Her problem was that all her other clients responded in the same fashion. She was that good.

So how does one replace that kind of service when they move? Since I have fibromyalgia, a massage is a critical component of keeping my body functioning, and doing without one wasn't an option. When I arrived in California, in a town where I knew no one, I quickly became overwhelmed with all the choices.

For a few weeks I went without a massage, unable to determine where to start. Then the pain grew to the level that it became very motivating to schedule appointments. I started with a chain, liking the price, and needing to get going. The massage chain had an excellent sales system that swooped me right into their system.

The number of therapists they had on staff was an amazing 67 different people. I started with one, then another and another and another and another in search of finding a massage therapist to compare to the one I had in Utah.

I didn't find her. I kept searching. Without being aware of it, I had become trapped in the past and was trying to recreate it. The truth is, the massage therapist was one of a kind and wasn't replaceable, especially because of the components she offered.

This search for the perfect massage therapist probably would have continued for a very long time, if one of therapist hadn't spoken up. She told me it was time for me to step up and have a regular therapist at a regular time. She proceeded to outline the benefits of this:

  • someone aware of my health issues and able to more effectively address them
  • some healing takes treatment over sessions
  • she would be more able to determine what worked and what didn't.

I was impressed with her gumption, and hey, I liked the fact she claimed me as a client. Her bold move of talking to me and asking me to commit to her gave me the boost I needed to let go of what was "perfect" in the past and adjust to the present. For the bold therapist, her straightforward, assertive attitude got her one more regular client.

Now that I had the butt kick to get me out of my hole, I realized having consistence with an individual has a lot more value than to continue to shop for perfection. Check to see if you are unaware that you are stuck in what once was.

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