Losing the Battle in Business Is Not the Point

Last week I received a huge blow on the personal front. I have worked most of my adult life to create a healthy environment for my children and the other people in my family. I thought it was my purpose in life to stop the chains of relationship destruction. Despite my efforts, the education I got, the personal work I’ve done, other people have their freedom of choice (dang it) and the unhealthy legacy has continued.

This is much like business. Sometimes we do everything we can to build it, strengthen it, achieve education and do the work to change it for the better. But sometimes, despite all that positive input, some negative growth or situations can come out of it. So when that negativity happens, despite everything we do to stop it, how do we respond?

I responded with tons of wisdom and insight, using the broad perspective and didn’t let the realization of the unhealthy area affect me. I wish. No, of course I didn’t respond that way. That would be way too evolved. Instead, I did the typical mom response and blamed myself. There must have been something more I could have done to stop this from happening.

In my coaching I call this the Savior complex—a person thinking they have the special powers to fix a situation that can’t be fixed. Dang. I hate it when I do the same thing as my clients. I thought about if one of my clients was taking responsibility for everything, how would I coach that? It was then I remembered the most important part of the law of attraction—letting go of intention. I had too much invested in the outcome of my family. But shouldn’t I be invested in my family? That’s what a mother does. I argued with myself, but then I realized that was a trap to create pain—just like an owner who thinks they are to blame if people don’t like the results they are getting.

The fault only applies in the area of “if there is more you can do to fix the problem”, Like hiring a coach, cleaning up messes, etc. But if you can honestly say you tried everything, like I can with my family, you realize that it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. That is an attachment. What matters is if you can say you did your part. That alone is what counts—radical idea in business!

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