Stand Out in Business with Little Details

Truly, it's the small things in life or business that make the difference. What has the possibility of making you memorable? Since being memorable is a huge step in growing your business, standing out for the positive is super important. So how does one stand out for the positive in such a competitive work environment? Here is an example: a couple of years ago my husband was critically ill. He was making frequent and stressful visits to the hospital. My focus quickly became about keeping him alive, my business flowing, and attending to our kids. I had zero time for anything else.

A few weeks ago I went through nose surgery. It was an amazingly painful ordeal. Again, another bouquet of beautiful yellow roses arrived at my door. A friend wrote that she hoped I would be smelling them soon.

This made me laugh- hard. The uplift from being remembered was huge. That lady, in my mind is a rock star because she went out of her way to send me support in a time I was very vulnerable. Going that extra step of purchasing flowers meant more and had a bigger impact on me than all the emails from family and friends. Of course I appreciated the emails, and was touched I was reached out to, but the flowers and card are what really had a strong impact. That was my favorite gesture that stood out in the crowd.

The lady who sent them is going down in my book as a true friend. I, of course, will back her whenever she needs it. I am sure that to gain my loyalty wasn't the reason she sent the flowers, but that is what she is going to get.

In a time where it is so easy to send an email greeting, and the norm is to send a standard card for Christmas with everyone's smiling face, why not go one step further? Stand out from the crowd, and send something like flowers, a handwritten note, or go real crazy and send some books you know the receiver would love. If you do, you're much more likely to make a very memorable impression.

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