Thriving as an Introvert in the Business World

If you have chosen the path of being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, at some point or another you will come to the understanding that even though you started your business to create your craft and to service people through that venue, the nature of business will require you to create sales. There has to be some way that people hear about you and show up on your doorstep.

If you are an introvert who doesn’t like to really get out there and shine in the world of people, this realization may be painful. Many introverts love people and want to serve them, but something inside presses the panic button if they even think about selling to others. They experience increased heart rates, sweaty hands, and their stomachs twist in knots. In fact, for some introverts the idea of having to make a sale will disturb them so much they may start seriously considering a regular JOB.

Introvert entrepreneurs are driven to stay in the business of serving people and healing them, but the panic of selling tempts them to quit. This tug-of-war is not fun. When questioned about what they think of when they consider going out to sell their service or product, many of my introvert clients create this impressive picture of themselves as a used car salesman, who rubs his/her hands together in preparation to pounce on someone.

One of the people I worked with would literally go into a panic attack when he thought about going out in the real world and talking to someone about what he did. He was a very accomplished man, and had earned many credentials in his field of work. He had even served as president of the local association in his field. It was clear that from all he had accomplished, he did know how to talk to people. When questioned about that, he described the fear of being a used car sales man who lacked the words to sell to customers, ay to someone and that that because of that he might just freeze frozeand make a fool of himself as well as lose his sale.

It would have been easy enough to give him words to say, but that wasn’t the root of the problem. The problem was how he was looking at approaching sales. Not only did he have the used car salesman fear, but he also had an unspoken belief that in order to sell, he would have to change his personality from being introverted to extraverted. The idea of becoming someone that he wasn’t was so uncomfortable for him that panic would set it.

I worked with him to prove that an introvert can still stay true to who they are and to their own personality and sell in a very natural non—“selly” way. When I would coach him about talking to someone and finding out their problems, and then focusing on how he could help, he didn’t see any trouble with it. “Of course I could do that,” he said. When his thinking switched from believing that sales was slimy, to sales was a simple way of sharing something that would make the person’s life better, his whole attitude changed.

“Basically,” I explained, “all you are saying is that someone truly needs what you have to offer. If what you offer will better their lives, then you would not be loving if you didn’t open your mouth and just let them know that option is available.”

He got excited. “So all I am doing is loving people.”

“Exactly,” I said.

This introvert still struggled a little to open his mouth. He still had some fear that he had to feel and deal with, but because he focused on what he was offering people and how their lives would change with his service, he was able to find the courage to let people know about what he did over and over again.

He was amazed at how, when he really tuned into how he loved people, it gave him the ability to sell. Not only was he able to fill his practice, but he was also able to meet his client goal objective that he had previously set with me, in the matter of two months. He couldn’t believe that he had so easily met his goal of something that he feared he’d never be able to do.

When an introverted entrepreneur figures out that sales is just a matter of loving someone else, more than their personal fear, trouble with sales will become a thing of the past.

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