Business for the Introvert

Let's face it, the business world was created for the extrovert-be bold, ask for what you want, step it up and go for it, are often the messages we hear. So what if your natural inclination is to hold back a little? Maybe you're more on the quiet side, well, at least until you get comfortable? Does that mean business is not for you?

No. It certainly doesn't mean that. But it does mean that to be successful you might play at business in a little different way. Different is good, especially when you are honoring your true nature.

Let's look at an example of this. Let's say that you are new to the community and you are showing up at your first business meeting to get things going. How would an extrovert handle it? Well most extroverts would put a smile on their face and enter the room ready to sparkle.

An introvert? There is no sparkle for them, well at least not quite yet. Most often, if they are really out of their natural place of being, they silently slip in, take note of everything around them, and quietly observe. They absorb the place, the people, and get a feel of what the environment is like. Most often they won't say anything until they are good and ready and have a grasp on what is happening and what the culture of the place is like.

The extrovert cares more about being seen, then figuring out where they landed. So in a very real sense, people will know who the extrovert is, but those who are more outgoing do run the risk of saying something that may not land well in the environment. The introvert, on the other hand, will take much smaller risks and say very little until they have a good feel of the place. Because the introvert is generally more quiet and careful, they will make fewer mistakes but be less known.

Really, taking in the environment and understanding it before you take action, is a really effective strategy plan on how to approach new situations.

Another difference between an extrovert and introvert is that an extrovert opens up their mouth and lets everyone know who they are and what they want. An introvert listens more often and gets a general sense of who everyone else is and what they want.

Naturally there is good with both the introvert and the extrovert way of approaching business. An extrovert that is wise does take some time and observes to get the lay of the land then moves forward. An introvert would benefit a lot from learning how to speak up and ask for what they want and to get recognition.

The most important thing to do before you adapt some of the characteristics from the other camp, is to become extremely familiar with what makes you tick and what the signs are when you are getting out of power, so that when you do extend yourself, you will know when you are pulling yourself off balance and you know just how to push it. For example, an introvert going into a meeting and introducing themself to someone may be a stretch. If you do this and you experience a slight twisting of the stomach, heart pounding, and a flutter of the nervous system, you know you are stepping up and doing great. But if, on the other hand, just thinking about talking to someone makes you throw up and become light headed, you might want to start with smaller baby steps.

Introverts can do very well in business, and they don't have to push it so far that it throws them off balance. It is matter of utilizing the skills that you do have and to leverage them to your advantage.

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