Are You in Business with Honest Abe or a Sneaky Snake?

When I interviewed over 50 small business owners and entrepreneurs I was surprised when I came to the success tips part of the interview to learn how many small business owners and entrepreneurs mentioned the need to be honest. I was shocked that wasn’t already a given, but in a lot of industries it was reported how much of a problem honesty was. The interviews revealed how the dishonesty of others in the field had made it hard for the honest ones to be trusted. It was also reported that once the owner got the reputation for being honest, it was much easier to build up their business. Plain old and simple honesty separated a lot of the businesses. Honesty was the quality that gave their business a competitive advantage.

Honesty is the best policy, both to securing long-term repeat business, and a happy clientele. Even if it is hard, and is going to cost you in the short run, tell the truth, and, like I tell my children, don’t do anything with the intent to deceive. Most people would agree with this, but upon looking at their practices a little closer sometimes they are surprised what honest looks like and how to apply it in their business.

Some places that might not be as obvious to look at:

  • Do you do the things that you said you are going to do, when you said that you are going to do them?
  • When you make a commitment, do you keep it, even if that commitment is with yourself?
  • Do you withhold information to make people think one thing, but the truth is actually another?

These are all places where honesty is not necessarily easy but important and builds trust. If you said you are going to do something, do it. That means if you made an appointment, show up on time. If you make a commitment that you can’t keep, call the person and renegotiate the terms to something that you can keep, from appointments to fulfilling contracts. We all know that in business there are times when you don’t want to necessarily tell the other person everything. That is fine, but don’t purposely mislead someone. It will come back and bite you sooner or later.

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