The Hero’s Journey of Business

The minute the modern day business owner begins a business, he/she enters on a valiant quest that is called the “hero’s journey”. The American scholar, Joseph Campbell, indentified this journey while studying many different cultures throughout the world. Joseph was able to see that the same pattern occurred over and over again in myths, religion, and in storytelling. This pattern can also be extended to business.

If you learn what the steps are in the process of the quest as a business owner, you will have a better idea of where you are going in your journey and business and will be able to utilize the opportunities that are presented to you in the most effective way.

Here are some common areas that people go too easy on themselves in business:

The first step of the journey that a newbie business owner takes is deciding to leave the ordinary world. The ordinary world is the way things are before the business owner sets out on the quest to change things. In this first stage, the soon-to-be owner is not happy with the way things are.

After the business hero travels through this world long enough, something happens that invites him/her to come on the adventure of business. The hero normally, at this point, looks at business building as hard, too many unknowns, and requiring super human strength. Typically the business hero doesn’t want to pursue the business that is calling him/her.

The business hero continues on with living, not really listening to the idea of building a business. But then he/she comes across a person, or class, or some other thing that helps teach what a person needs to know if they are going to start a business. Sometimes it comes in the form of a person who listens to the hero’s dreams and believes it possible for the owner to create.

Eventually the business hero can take the way the normal everyday world is and he/she makes a step into the unknown of the business world. The call to make a change or to see what can be created just becomes too much, and our business hero needs to see what can be done.

Once the business has begun, that is when things become extra exciting. This is the time for the business hero to prove what he/she is made of. The hero will start encountering all sorts of opposition in the forms of: tests, enemies, and will also start making allies that are critical to form to have a chance of succeeding. The longer the business hero is in business, the better he/she becomes. The hero is now prepared for the future.

There comes a time in every business owner’s journey where the owner will need to go through the “ordeal”. In the hero’s journey pattern, the owner confronts his/her greatest fear in the journey, whether it will besuccess, or the death of the way he/she has run the business, or birthing new life into the business. At some point the business hero must face the challenge.

If the business hero makes it through all the challenges and tasks, then comes the reward of a successful business. At this point, there’s still the risk of being in danger, but there is also the satisfaction of huge accomplishment.

Oftentimes the hero business person has to go through more obstacles and tests, until finally at the end, it is time for the business owner to return to where he/she started from, but this time with all the skills and knowledge needed in order to permanently transform the world. When the business hero reaches this part of the journey, there is much he or she can do to give back.

When the business owner knows what point of the hero’s journey he or she are at, it is much easier to get through that stage with the wisdom of having the broader picture of what is happening and what to expect.

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