Happy Dancing to Victory

When was the last time you did a Happy Dance?—you know, when you really got down and did a dance of celebration. Or when was the last time you even did anything for celebration?

I'm not talking about the huge wins—which are good to celebrate. I'm talking about those small little successes you accomplish daily. For some, that might mean just getting out of bed. For others, actually making the dreaded sales call. And for others, simply not exploding at the two year-old or teenager. Every-day little wins.

If you are plugged into Happy Dancing through your day, how much fun are you having? If it's anything close to 100% inspirational, then you need to dance. If that's really not your thing, do something to celebrate the small successes.

Much reward comes from plugging into the accomplishments you're making. Who knows? Celebrating might create momentum for you to try even bigger, more exciting things—or at least to get your taxes submitted on time for once.

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