Setting Up Your Business Environment for Success

A couple of years ago I was getting completely slammed with work, and no matter how much I worked I couldn’t seem to get caught up with the load. To make matters even more frustrating, I was doing a lot of busywork that I hated; but it had to be done. The bigger problem was that the more I worked on the little things, the less time I had to pay attention to the more important things, like making sales calls and concentrating on product creation.

I knew that I needed to hire a personal assistant, but felt like I didn’t have time to go looking for one. I also didn’t have time to figure out where to put him or her in my office. I knew that I couldn’t afford to rent another space and wasn’t to the point I could afford to bring someone on fulltime.

Create the Space for Your Goal to Breathe

I continued to suffer with the amount of work and its increasing size, as well as the busywork, which felt like it was draining my life force out of me. I brought this issue up to one of my mentors and she taught me a valuable lesson. She explained that I hadn’t created room for a new person to come into my company.

To create the space for my future personal assistant, I spent fifteen minutes a day clearing out my office, filing things, and really implementing more structure and order to the way my business ran.

A little later, I was mentioning how I wanted a personal assistant to a friend. She looked around my office and pointed out a perfect spot for a personal assistant to work. I considered the spot and was blown away. I never realized that spot was there because it had been buried with files. You see, through organizing, I had actually created a space that would be perfect for the assistant.

After I created the space, I sat down and wrote a list of what I wanted the personal assistant to do, what qualities were “must haves,”which ones would be nice, and then the qualities that I would dream they had. I was going to post the request for an assistant on Craigslist but had an appointment with the doctor.

When I was at the doctor’s, I got into a conversation about how I was looking for an assistant, and ended up talking to the person that was perfect for the job and hired her by the end of the day.

Moral of the Story

In order to get more success in your business, you need to create the space so that the success can move in. Not only did I experience that with the story above, but I have seen other associations struggle to grow, over and over again, but as soon as they move into a meeting place that is larger–creating the space to grow—their group magically gets bigger.

What success would you like to attract to your business? Make sure that you take the first step of creating the space for it to be able to happen.

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