The Hidden Dangers of Playing Bold

Many self-improvement gurus shout the virtues of being bold, going for it, and to strive for change. They encourage you to take radical steps to change where you are at so that you can get into the imagined, better world. These gurus say that playing bold should be a lifestyle, and that anything less isn't really living. Rarely do these experts mention the downfalls, risks, and troubles that this bold approach can bring to your life.

Of course stepping up and taking action on what you want to create is a great thing to do. It is also a very necessary thing to do if you want something different in your life. So when is playing bold problematic and what are some of the downfalls?

I have seen people so dedicated to being bold in their life that they dispense with everything elseā€”jobs, relationships, etc. to go after that one dream. Being focused on your dream can create incredible results, but if by doing so you dispense with other important things, your end results won't be so happy. One individual I knew hyper-focused on one goal, to win a competition he thought would set him up for a desired career. He fell short, only getting runner up, and in the meantime he also had failed to have planned a backup job, and his wife and children had separated from him. He had quit his job, lost his ability to provide for his family, and neglected loved ones while going for his one big shot. For most people this sacrifice would be too much.

Another problem I have witnessed, when someone is playing too aggressively bold for long consistent time periods, is burn- out. This side effect definitely afflicts many more people than the first one. When we say burnt-out, we are not talking the common garden variety burn-out. We are talking the body starts falling apart, ends up in the hospital, or maybe with cancer or some other deadly disease burn-out. Or instead of bodily health challenges, a deep depression can hit, and it's like lifting a 1000 pound weight just to crawl out of bed. Burn-out is very likely if you play too bold for too long because our bodies are just not designed to be a nonstop "bold machine." We need to rest and not push so hard.

The third side effect that I often see is when people become so swooped up in being bold that they lose connection with who they really are. This happens when they push so hard to break through their personal barriers, and listen to outside influences to "go-go-go," and don't take time to check-in with themselves. If you lose connection with yourself and your instincts and who you are, playing bold has come at too dear a price.

Playing bold and stepping up to what you want in your life and business is a great pursuit, as long as you keep in mind the risks and avoid the traps of bold playing. Remember, there is more to life than achieving that one desire, and that no success is truly a success if you lose other critical factors in your life, like loved ones, health, and your intuition.

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