Are You a Perfectionist?

Are you tired? Worn-out? Or just don't feel like stepping it up? The problem may be that you have confused perfectionism with stepping up for your life purpose and living that life fully.

Many people pursue perfection in particular areas in their lives. Perfectionism is a long, maddening drive down a never-ending road for flawlessness; it provides no rest stops for mistakes, personal limitations or the changing of minds.

Perfectionism can cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt; it can cripple self-esteem, stifle creativity, and put a stumbling block in the way of intimate friendships and love relationships. Ultimately, it can create or aggravate illnesses such as eating disorders, manic-depressive mood disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and substance abuse.

Perfectionists are those who take accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline to an excess where the joy of doing a job well is zapped away. If you are constantly sloppy in your work, don't do what you say, and rarely do your best work then perfectionism is not your problem. If you have self-discipline, do a job well, and can be happy with what you are able to accomplish then you too are not guilty of perfectionism. But if you drive yourself and those around you crazy because you can't satisfy your own standards then there is a problem.

Complete this questionnaire to discover how perfectionistic you are.

  • I never do anything halfway; it's all or nothing for me. Every time.
  • People who do things halfway make me angry or disgust me.
  • I believe there's a certain way to do things and they should always be done that way.
  • I get angry when I make mistakes. I hate to make them and can hardly forgive myself.
  • I often procrastinate on starting projects. I seldom meet deadlines. Or if I do, I kill myself meeting them.
  • I feel humiliated when things aren't perfect.
  • I don't like to admit not knowing how to do something or to being a beginner. If I can't do something well, I won't do it.
  • People say I expect too much of myself. Or of them.
  • In my family, you could never completely measure up to expectations.
  • I'm hard on myself when I lose, even if it's only a friendly game or contest.
  • I often withdraw from others and from group activities.
  • I don't think work should be fun or pleasurable.
  • Even when I accomplish something, I feel let down or empty.
  • I criticize myself and others excessively.
  • No matter how much I have done, there's always more I could do.
  • I don't delegate often and when I do, I always double-check to make sure the job is done right.
  • I believe it is possible to do something perfectly and if I keep at it, I can do it perfectly.
  • Forgetting and forgiving is not something I do easily or well.

The more yes answers, the more likely it is that you have perfectionist tendencies.

There is a difference between excellence and perfection. Striving to be really good is excellence; trying to be flawless is perfectionism. If you're concerned about your perfectionist behavior, don't hesitate to contact me at www.StepItUpQueen.com and learn how to live a more peaceful life.

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