Quick and Easy Full Assessment of Your Company in 60 Minutes or Less

The beginning of the year is such a great time to reassess your business. The season just screams for you to look at what is working for you and what isn’t. What were your big wins last year? Where did you excel? Why did you excel, and how can you create more of that in your business for the next year?

A lot of times when the business owner is engaging in this kind of reflection, they look at the more obvious events. That is a great start, but the more detailed and specific you can get on the operation of your business, the better your overall performance will be in the coming year.

Here is an exercise that I have found to be extremely effective in identifying the little things that need attention in your company; the little things that if you make a slight tweak will have a huge impact.

What you do is pretend like you are in a yoga class and the teacher just asked you to do a full body scan. You know, where you go through your whole body and identify where you are tense and where you feel good. So instead of doing a full scan on your physical body, do this full scan in your mind’s eye on your business. You can start in your mind’s eye on the subjects that you have folders on, then proceed to your employees or the people that you hire throughout the year. After this you can scan your finances, your accounting, sales systems, the office procedures, etc. As you go through the various aspects of your business, make sure to know which areas feel “tight” and which areas feel “good.” Scan how you feel when you are doing the presentations, the strategic planning, the customer service, etc.

The great thing about scanning is that you can identify where attention is needed, then think of ways to reduce the tightness, then scan again to see if that new way feels any better.

If you go through every area that you can think of in your company, from sales, to product creation and delivery, to the people you work with, your numbers, your role, to the environment that you work in, you will have a very detailed analysis of your company without even having to pay for it. You will also get the added benefit the same as you would if you were in a yoga class, just by paying attention to the tension and noting if there is a release. You will immediately start feeling some stress reduction just by acknowledging the stress that was in your environment and impacting your business in ways that you were not aware of.

After you have charted what is working, and what you want to do, then goal setting becoming much easier because you will be addressing the issues that are having the most impact on the health of your company.

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