Are You Derailing Your Business?

When you let things derail you from accomplishing your business objectives, bad things happen, like:

  • You get fewer clients/customers
  • Your current clients can sense your lack of focus
  • You don’t make as much money
  • Your employees are disappointed that you are not being the leader they expect

And the worst one of all: you have to admit somewhere deep down inside you that you are not successful. No one wants to admit to that.

Too Much Time

One of the big mistakes that entrepreneurs and small business owners make is: They spend too much time worrying if all their sacrifice will be worth it. This means you have a voice inside you telling you something like: Your family is going to hate you for being gone all the time. Or, other people are meant to be successful, not you. Or, you’re not smart enough. Not a good enough sales person … business owner…not ENOUGH…

You get the point. We all have Saboteur voices, but when it gets loud enough that we aren’t making those calls, talking to the right people, finishing your big project, and then you know the doubt is draining the success you could otherwise tap into.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you free yourself up from doubt and you move forward confidently. To get freed up from doubt, let’s look at the three possible reasons that you might be having this doubt in yourself and in your business.

First reason: The doubt that is springing up might be serving as a distraction from you accomplishing your actual goals.

We all have this dark side to us. This shadow side or what is often referred to in coaching language as the Saboteur side within all. This is the negative voice within us that likes to cause doubts.

Peoples’ saboteurs say different things like, “This isn’t going to work.” “You aren’t really a career person.” Or, “Who are you kidding?You’re never going to make it. You need to go get a real job.”

Some people’s Saboteurs are softer in how they plant doubt in our minds. This kind whispers things like, “If you do that, people won’t like you.” “Your spouse will never let you get away with this.” Sometimes it simply says, “You can’t.”

Why does the Saboteur come and whisper these discouraging words in your mind? To stop you. The Saboteur wants you to keep things the way they are. This negative voice might be uncomfortable with what the situation is. It might not like it, but anything is better than change. Change is scary. Change shakes things up. Change causes the Saboteur to worry for your safety. The Saboteur will say and do anything to get you to stop rocking your world.

If the Saboteur can get you worried enough about whether what you are doing is worth it, he wins—If you worry…you won’t be able to spend most of your time and focus on change.

You will not have the energy to do the courageous things that are necessary to build your business. You won’t be in the mindset to make excellent decisions. Others will pick up on your panic.

So how do you stop the Saboteur?

Stop listening to him. Every time you hear his voice STOP HIM. Replace his negative voice with positive thoughts. And most importantly, don’t let him stop you. Move forward no matter what he is saying. Your success will eventually drown out his voice.

Second reason you might be entertaining doubts about if your business is worth it, is that you have a bad habit.

Sometimes you just have a bad habit. Maybe your internal files need to be updated. It is time for you to have your thinking match where you are at currently and not match who you used to be.

Updating your files means that you stop blaming. Blaming is where you are pointing the finger of not succeeding at others.

Updating your files may mean that you can stop shaming. Shaming is where you are pointing the finger at yourself and saying how bad and terrible you are, and you are basically not being nice to yourself.

When you are blaming others, you will experience the “law of return” and the finger will point back at you. Do you really want to be in that energy loop? Or do you want to live in the loop where you figure out what works and do more of that to get rockin’ results?

When you shame yourself, you are heading toward depression. Successful business people don’t have time for depression. It’s best to be nice to your chief worker bee. When you speak kindly to yourself, you are more likely to achieve more work and better results.

Third reason you might be entertaining doubts of whether your business is worth it or not, is that you haven’t set up a winning environment in your business life.

If you work with people who are constantly criticizing you… the environment that you’re putting yourself in needs improvement. If others are tugging at you and not encouraging you to be your best self and perform at your top levels … environment improvement needed.

The problem with having a negative environment is that it feeds on itself. If you don’t believe in your company and you voice it enough to those around you, they are going to stop telling you that you can do it, and they are going to actually start believing you. That is unless you have one of those perfect support people in your life, in which case you are really lucky. But for the rest of us, if you voice the problems of your company too much and worry about how to accomplish things, people are sometimes unenlightened enough to think that you are right.

Not good. When people collectively start to doubt the success of their joint efforts or company, then those thoughts get reinforced over and over. If it happens enough, people, and maybe even you, are going to think that it is the truth, generating a sort of self-fulfilling prediction for failure.

Climbing Out of the Negative

If you are in this negative energy loop of non-supportive doubt, how do you climb out? You shift the energy. You think positive and surround yourself with positive people. You enroll people into your team, like business coaches who believe in you and help you foster the courage to look at your current situation head-on and make the right choices to improve your environment and grow your business.

You also decide that you don’t want to exist in losing energy but in winning energy, and you choose to make things better. You can ask yourself questions like: What do I need to do to set things back in motion? Then do what your intuition and intellect tells you.

Start Rockin’ and Stop Derailing

If you want to have a rocking business, you need to trust that all the work you put into your business is worth it. Start believing you can do it.

Remember to confront your Saboteur, stop the bad habits of blaming and shaming and believing you can’t do it, and change your environment from one of lack of support to one where you are rocking. Do these things and you’ll be hitting your objectives in no time.

I have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business and balance the needs of home for over 18 years. Being a mother of 8, author of 20 books, former radio show host, and an award winning speaker, I can show you that balance and success is not only possible but vital to make more money, have more free time to be there for your family. Claim my free gift and Discover how to Grow Your Business on Your Own Terms Today at http://BizOnYourTerms.com

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