Are you a Hobbit in your business?

Am I the only person out there that finds the whole Hobbit and Lord of the Rings a bore? To me the movies are tragically flawed to the point you could fall asleep and wake up hours later and not miss anything in the unfolding plot. It is one wrestle after another.

The most recent movie, The Hobbit, is no exception. It's a shame too, since the costumes and scenery are stunning. The acting is not bad either. I think part of the problem is that the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is just way too flawed. In the story there is a lot of time spent establishing the Hobbit as a loner who stays at home enjoying his books. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does raise the big question of why these thirteen other heroic characters would join up with him? Why would they even care if he were on the journey with them?

This is a good question, not only for the movie, but is a good question to ask yourself. Why would potential clients or customers join up with you? Why would they part with their hard earned money to go on whatever journey you are offering them? Some would say, "because my product is so good". That is like saying that the Hobbit is so good. There was a ton of other people those heroes could have chosen, just like your potential clients have a lot of other people and products that they could choose from. If you were able to objectively step back and ask yourself if your service or product really offers something particularly suited to client needs, what would your answer be?

In the movie it seemed to suggest that there was some sort of sign that these men should choose the Hobbit. In the business world, I have had people hire me as a coach because they said they had a sign that they should do it. It is really cool when that happens, but for me, at least, these are few and far between happenings, and I most definitely wouldn't want to rest my whole business on that expectation.

I am not sure what other reason the movie gave for why the wizard and dwarves picked the Hobbit. I have to admit that I may have fallen asleep by that point, and my husband couldn't come up with any other reasons he saw. So if there were other reasons, they were so buried in the scene that it induced sleep, for me, anyway.

Inducing sleep with your potential customer is the last thing you want to do when you are trying to convince them that you are the person they should take their journey with. There needs to be something more juicy than sleep-inducing reasons. Funny thing, I tried to read the Hobbit several times and always tossed it at the same point at which I fell asleep in the movie. I obviously didn't buy that the journey was a good enough one to take, or that there was enough involved in the journey that I cared about. Even at the end of the movie, we were wondering what had really happened? It seemed they went through adventures but didn't even make it back to the castle, much less get the home back for the dwarves.

The movie felt like a lot of mindless action without making significant change for the world of the people involved, and definitely didn't improve my world with insight, humor, or much of anything but a fairly good nap. If the movie is supposed to be a trilogy, then that is not a good enough reason for this movie to not stand on it's own. Just like in your business you need to be able to stand on your own value no matter what part of the journey you are on.

To avoid causing such flatness with your potential clients, there needs to be a really good reason why you are the one to go on the journey with and not hope to come up with a reason during the journey. There also has to be forward motion, where your customer gets the value that working with you provides, and of course the most obvious element you need in your business is to be entertaining enough that you keep your customers not only awake but feeling like you are committed to the results that you promised you would bring them by working with you.

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