Are You a Delegating Expert?

My husband really hates it that I get all the credit for being Superwoman. You know, I am a mother of eight and I run a business, etc. I get frequently asked how I get it all done. He says I dump the kids and housework on him, that’s how, which of course isn’t the truth—mostly.

I do have to admit that one of my best tools of the trade is that I am excellent at delegating. If the job is a 5-dollar job, then my kids get it. If the job requires a lot of engineering skill, my husband gets it. If the job at work requires tech knowledge, somebody else on my team is going to get it.

I choose the jobs that only I can do in my business and at home. I play to my strengths. So I am the one giving mommy love to the kids because no one else can do it for me. But it would be very rare for you to see me washing dishes. I am the one that will be writing my own content, coaching and speaking. You will not see me dive into the back of my website, writing html.

So how good are you at delegating? Even if you are good at it, I bet like me, if you look even closer, there is more that you can stop doing, delegate, or completely take off your list. I like to examine my workload every time it seems like it is getting too heavy. I decide what I can delegate to someone else off my list, what I can stop doing, and what I can delete.

It is amazing as we grow in our business, how there are a lot of things that used to serve us that can really benefit from a second look. It is time to make sure each item is reaping the rewards it once was and is worth keeping in the system.

I have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business and balance the needs of home for over 18 years. Being a mother of 8, author of 20 books, former radio show host, and an award winning speaker, I can show you that balance and success is not only possible but vital to make more money, have more free time to be there for your family. Claim my free gift and Discover how to Grow Your Business on Your Own Terms Today at http://BizOnYourTerms.com

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