Three Best Business Actions

The best way to grow your business is to put your big goals down to ninety-day chunks. One big goal for ninety days is about all the mind can remember. If you extend the goal much further than that, it becomes discouraging and you will lose the energy it takes to move forward. If you plan to finish your big goal in a shorter amount of time, it is harder to achieve, plus it doesn’t give you room to handle all the unexpected situations that are thrown at a business owner.

What to do with the ninety-day goal?

Once you have your ninety-day goal, break it down to your best business action steps. What are the three steps that you can take today that will move you toward your ninety-day goal or that will put money in the bank?

Let’s face it; one of the reasons we are in business is that we want to create some kind of transformation. We want to improve the world. But a lot of things we do waste time and don’t really change the world or increase the bank account. Analyzing where your time and energy are going is critical.

Are your efforts, your time and enthusiasm directed toward something that will put money in the bank today or money in the bank in the near future? Put those types of activities in the top three business actions of your day. Accomplish those top three items before you spend time on your other projects. After you finish the top items, whatever you focus on additionally is great. No, it doesn’t count if you meet with your clients because that is already set up. Remember, you are looking at growing your business by doing things that make your business more profitable today.

Bite Size Movements

These best business steps don’t have to be huge actions, but bite size movements will make a big different. Maybe the baby-step is following up on a business card. Maybe it is sending an email that is important, or working on your newsletter and posting it. Or maybe the next step is working a certain amount of time on a project. Whatever it is, examining what you can do that will grow your business, and breaking it down to doable action steps, then taking those steps consistently, will make a big difference to your business. Make sure that the steps you are taking are not “busy work” but are actually what you need to do to achieve the ninety-day goal.

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